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  • The application of a consistent price policy with the present strategy offered by the brand architecture covers the requirement to produce differential advantages. In the analysis of the optimal solutions, the price strategy will be part of a more general undersigned marketing strategy correspondent to long and short term goals.


  • A price strategy that conducts significant variables will take into consideration the criteria that take an elaborate analysis of the market on medium and long term. The elasticity towards the price determines the ability of the repeated purchase fluctuation and the availability of consumer investment.


  • The position assumed by the company against the competitor will take eventually into account the consumers' behavior concerning the rate of integration of the product or the service, in the context of repeated consumption.


  • The adapting process to the specificity of the market should be achieved through detailed acquaintance with both the target audience of the product / service and the general trends of micro-economic environment. To optimize the results at Return on Investment level, the price strategy must be the transparent outcome of some demo psychographic data from preliminary research results.


  • Directly related to the overall vision about the market, the determination of the price policy will contextualize features at the same time that transform the brand into a tangible experience with a rigorous approach given by the preliminary scientific studies.


  • The most important four price strategies of consumer industry: premium, penetration, economy (price fixing depending on cost) and skimming (differential price strategies) will know the facets hybrid and complementary approaches, depending on the specific needs identified for each of our customers.


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