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  • The source of profitability of mysterious customers lies in optimizing the services which we offer to consumers by relating the staff's behavior to a professional level and calibration of the performance towards the competition.


  • The development of business in this industry is unidirectional, rigorous and professional in order to ensure relevant results and develop solutions to potential degenerative problems. This strategy plays an analytical role of preventing potential imbalances of the internal environment within a company.


  • The mystery client approaches a form of concealed observation, but a direct contact with the human resources in the relevant context for the company. For the accomplishment and operationalization of performance studies we combine the access from inside to the chosen environment with an analytical objective perspective in playback results.


  • This type of service helps in identifying the strengths, but also the internal problems related to functionality, personal or the perceived image. The mysterious customer's adapted strategy involves the responsibility of correct assessment in identifying the real problems in designing various strategies in order to increase performance.


  • The services testing ensure the assumption of the perspective of the company perceived by the management team and is a strong prerequisite in developing strategies to increase the functionality of customer relationships and improve the employee performance for a long-term.


  • The integrity of human resources services is essential in generating the profits of a company and the results provided by this service are best exploited through a constructive perspective regarding the employee performance.


We help our customers see their consumers with their new eyes, see their competitors more clearly and objectively themselves.


We adapt our approach to fit the unique needs of our customers.

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